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Corporate Bootcamp

It’s no secret companies spend millions on data and technology tools and then end up spending five times that in new staff to put these resources to good use. Analytics Launchpad boot camp allows you to leverage your existing resources by teaching your teams the framework needed to effectively use data to defend and drive strategic business decisions

  • Get trained by Analytics practitioners
  • Customize your boot camp based on your organizational needs.
  • Hands-on training on real case studies.
  • Change your organizational culture through a series of capstone projects.
  • Realize immediate impact on business metrics.

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We provide a holistic approach to analytics training which includes…

Analytics Boot camp for organization is a state of the art training methodology designed exclusively for corporate success. The learning is supported with real case-study taken from the same organizations. Throughout this experience, you will take away immediate and practical insights..

Below are some sample curriculum

Analytics in Excel

  1. Introduction to Analytics
  2. Business Problems Landscape
  3. Data Prep using Excel
  4. Data Exploration using Excel
  5. Modeling Using Excel
  6. Visualization using Excel

Business Intelligence

  1. Introduction to BI
  2. Key Business Metrics Review
  3. Tableau Basics
  4. Data Prep using tableau
  5. Data Exploration using tableau
  6. Dashboarding